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From the computer of Andrew Lewis
Dog Care Expert and Author
Friday 11:43pm

Hi Friend & New Owner of Dog Food SECRETS™,

have $235 worth of our premium, best-selling dog-loving-products that I want to give to you for just 7-bucks

"Why Is It Costing You LESS THAN 3 Pennies
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Because you just showed your committment to your dog by ordering Dog Food SECRETS™ I'm prepared to give away a ton of our best stuff, for a price so low we don't make a penny, as an ethical bribe to get you to take a look at one of the newest and most popular sites just opened in our company... more on that soon.

But no matter what, you only pay $7 for everything you see in the picture above and not a penny more!

And in case you're wondering, looking at our new site won't even cost you a penny!

There's this too...

"And To Show You How FOR-REAL I Am, I'm Gonna Give You One of Those Books RIGHT NOW, 100% FREE!"

First aid

Get this Canine First Aid book, valued at $17 FREE right now as a gesture of how serious I am about giving you $235 of our best stuff for only $7.

If you have a dog, you need to know canine first aid, its-as-simple-as-that.

Just add you details in the field below, click the button and I will send it instantly to your inbox, free-of-charge, my gift to you just for taking the time to visit this page.

Valued at $17, yours FREE!

Ok, let me show you our brand new product which I've included in this $7 deal called:

"A Holistic Vet Guide: How to Quickly & Effectively Cure Your Dog's Flea Problems WITHOUT Using Dangerous Chemicals"

This is what you get:

  1. 1-hour recorded interview with an holistic vet about the safe, natural way to prevent and treat your dog for fleas and ticks - it contains VERY specific advice.

  2. A professional transcript of the interview so you can read it back, make notes etc

  3. Two Natural Remedy Recipes recommended by the holistic vet with instructions on how to make it and how to use it

    1. All Natural, Non-Toxic Flea & Tick Repellent Recipe

    2. All Natural, Non-Toxic Bedding & Outdoor Flea Repellent Recipe

That's a $67.00 product I want to give to you for $7, read on to see how..


The complete product
The product is for instant download only, image for demonstation purposes only

"This Is Why You Need This Information
More Now Than Ever Before.."

If you've been watching the news recently, then you may know..

... the ASPCA made an official announcement this week warning dog and cat owners about using spot on type flea and tick treatments because of the alarming number of reports they receive about dogs and cats becoming ill and dying.

The EPA followed up on the ASPCA's warning by announcing it's intensifying its scrutiny of the commercial flea and tick control for pets industry.

The timing couldn't be worse because in the US its coming into prime flea-season.

With the advice and remedies in the product on this page, your dog will have the healthiest, most flea-less summer of its life.

Right, so this is how to get it for less than an el grande caffe-mocha with milk foam and chocolate sprinkles (I have no idea how much that costs but probably too much!)..

"Here's a Small Snippet"

Here's a small snippet from the interview with Dr. Clare Holistic Vet..


Play this to hear a snippet of the holistic vet's advice

"Act Now & That Tiny-$7 Also Gets You
One of Our Best-Ever-Selling $27 Books
& its $17 Companion-Guide"

With my team, we created a 70-page book which profiles the 68 commercially used dog food ingredients known to kill or harm your dog or fill its tummy with nutritionless garbage.

The book is titled..

"68 Dog Food Ingredients to Die For!"

Anyone using commercial dog food should have this information in their library.

It saves lives, period!

See for yourself..

Take a look at what's inside..

: Some ingredients
in this book are deadly!

We have broken the report into 3 sections:

  1. 28 Deadly Ingredients - avoid commercial dog foods containing these. Known to cause disease or still simply... 'effects unknown'.

  2. 15 ingredients OK in moderation only - these should be low on the ingredients list. Too much and your dog becomes ill.

  3. 25 harmless BUT useless ingredients - used so dog food companies can fill your dog's belly cheaply. You end up paying for nothing and your dog is full but not nourished!


I'll even go a step further..

"I'll Throw in The $17 Companion Guide Too!"

: easy-to-use
3-page quick reference table


I want you to use '68 Dog Food Ingredients' to the benefit of your dog.... so it has to be useful, that makes sense.


Unless your brain is much larger than mine, there is no way you're going to remember all 68 of these ingredients.


If you're like me, you don't want to write them all down or take a 70-page book to the supermarket.


I had my team condense the book into a special 3-page quick-reference table which divides all the information up by 2 important categories:

Category 1 - Food type

  • Additives and fillers

  • Artificial colors

  • Artificial flavors

  • Preservatives

  • Fruits and vegetables

  • Carbohydrates

  • Fats

  • Fiber

  • Protein

  • Supplements

  • Sweeteners

  • Vitamins

Category 2 - Degree of harmfulness

  • Deadly

  • Ok in moderation ONLY

  • Harmless but useless

So now all you need do is take your easy to read, quick reference guide to the supermarket with you..

... and the bottom line is your dog stays healthier and lives longer because you've become an informed and clever shopper.

Now for the most expensive and comprehensive product in this KILLER deal...

One of Our Best
"The $97 Canine First Aid Home Study Course"

This one really is an awesome product and someting you definitely should have in your library if you're serious about being equiped to save your dog's life in an emergency.

This is what it includes:

$97 first aid product

  1. A recorded 50-minute webinar presentation on Canine First Aid

  2. A 13-question worksheet to follow along during the webinar because its been shown this makes the info penetrate deeper into your memory

  3. The Canine First Aid book (you can get that free right now by submitting the form above)

  4. An executive-summary of the book includiing additional information we considered essential but not covered in the book.

  5. A 3-step implementation guide to make sure you put this life saving info into practice and dont just let it go to waste

Are you impressed yet?

"Let's Summarize"

For $7 you get:

Retail Price
The Holistic Vet Guide
68 Ingredients Dog Food to Die For!
68 Ingredients Quick Reference Guide
The Canine First Aid Home Study Course
There's One More Product Not Added Yet
TOTAL Retail Price
Sale Price Today
A tiny $7!

This is by far the best deal we have ever offered.

But we still have to add one more product to this list, and this is it....

"Ok, This is Why We Give
You Everything For Only $7

I'm ethically bribing you!

We have a new & exciting online dog owners club that until now, only our own subscribers have known about.

Now for the first time, we are inviting (bribing actually ;-) other dog-loving-maniacs like you to join our growing family.

So in this offer, you also get 1-month's membership to our new club!

"This Is All You Have To Do To Get
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Take our new Dog Owners club for a 1-month FREE try-out.

That's it, nothing more, period!


So simple and so painless.

And if you dread the idea of having to jump-through-hoops to cancel your membership should you not like it, let me show you how easy its really is to back-out-gracefully...


"Don't Run Away Just Yet... Let Me Show You How Easy It Is To Cancel Your Membership in 20 Seconds in This Short Video"

If you're thinking, its not worth the hassle of signing up to our membersite because its gonna be a huge pain-in-the-butt to cancel when you've had enough, then you I assure you thats not the case here.

In fact, I'm gonna show you just how easy it is to cancel your membership at any time in 20 seconds..

This is what you get in your membership..

"This is What You Get in
Your FREE 1-Month Membership.."

Each month we have a new dog-topic-of-the-month and you get:

  1. A recorded interview with an expert on the topic of the month
  2. A professional transcript from the interview
  3. A new straight-to-the-point, 30-page book on the topic of the month
  4. PLUS more audios, videos & articles about the topic of the month!

Wanna a closer look?


It s brilliant club, our members agree...

Click here if you're ready to proceed to checkout

"Here's What Members Are Saying,
Without Even Being Asked.."

We never asked these dog owners to say anything about our site, these are just comments they felt like leaving in the members area because they like the site so much...

"Thank You For Creating This Wonderful Site!"

"Hi Andy,

Thank you for creating this wonderful website! Truly a fabulous way to learn from one another and share thoughts and ideas"

Deborah (Member)

"I Can't Tell You Enough How Thankful
I am for Your Website!"

"Hey Andy,

I can’t tell you enough how thankful I am for your website, the information it contains and your passion for dogs.

..makes me just want to clap like a little school girl when I read it.

Thank you, thank you! Just can’t tell you enough how excited I am to see next month’s Dog’s Book.

You can be sure that I’ll pass the word on. Cheers!!!"

Nicole K (Member)

"Love You Site!"

"Love your site….thank you"

Elize (Member)

"Let's Summarize One Last Time"

Retail Price
The Holistic Vet Guide
68 Ingredients Dog Food to Die For!
68 Ingredients Quick Reference Guide
The Canine First Aid Home Study Course
1-Month Membership to our Dog Owners Club
NEW TOTAL Retail Price
New Sale Price
YES! Still only $7!

This is a killer offer, you get $235 worth of premium products designed specifically for anyone that loves their dog as much as we do, for just $7!

Its a mind-blowing offer... take a look.

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Thats $235 of Premium Dog-Loving Products for $7, I challenge you to find a better deal anywhere!

Wondering what happen's if you don't like the site?

"Let Me Explain the 100% Money-Back and You Get to Keep Everything Anyway Guarantee!"

Guarantee 100%"If you decide The Dog Book of the Month Club™ is not for you, refund your membership within the first 30-days and you wont be charged a penny more but still keep every one of the products in the $235 offer.

That's $235 of product for only 7-bucks!

Whatever month you cancel your membership, we will let you keep everything you have received to that point.

There is nothing to lose, the risk is 100% all ours."

Ok, I'm in! Let's do this thing!

YES! Andy, I'm ready to get my instant downloadable copy of the A Holistic Vet Guide, PLUS 68 Dog Food Ingredients to Die For! PLUS the Quick Reference Companion Guide PLUS The Canine First Aid Home Study Course PLUS 1-month membership to The Dog Book of the Month Club all for just $7.

Retail Price $235 Sale Price $7

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NOTICE: The $235 for $7 Premium Dog-Loving Products are downloadable products because we are an environmentally friendly company and follow a 'No Trees Must Die' policy -- "Its the information that saves lives, not the paper its printed on."

PS. After this promotion we will be selling the "A Holistic Vet Guide: How to Quickly & Effectively Cure Your Dog's Flea Problems WITHOUT Using Dangerous Chemicals" product for $67 and we expect it to sell well, this is your chance to get it PLUS everything else for just $7

PPS. Same goes for the Canine First Aid Home Study Course & 68 dog Food Ingredients to Die For!

PPPS. You can cancel and keep everything anyway if you really don't like the membership site, I showed you in the video above how simple that is

PPPPS. Get started now!